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London Kent Acupuncture Health

Harley Street, Marylebone, Champneys Eastwell Manor, Ashford and Faversham,

''Hope is a great thing, but results can be miraculous''

''Hope is a great thing, but results can be miraculous" are considered the most qualified fertility acupuncture

Michelle Mulliss the owner of London Kent Acupuncture and Natural Fertility UK, has gained much success with her own treatment program in treating couples for natural conception or alongside assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF, so with a success rate of up to 90% based upon conception through to live birth, so you can be assured of the quality of services for your fertility needs.

Michelle has studied a MSc in the field of reproduction and IVF and combine her unique integrative approach to gain her successes. She is in partnership with many leading fertility specialists in London and Kent, Michelle has gained much reputation with her treatment and treats many patients all over the world in her clinics in Harley Street London, Faversham, Ashford and Tunbridge wells in Kent and conducts telephone Skype consultations where required.

More and more couples are wanting a more natural approach to fertility, and they can get this through acupuncture.There have been quite a few studies to show acupuncture increases chances of pregnancy with assisted reproductive treatments. That is not all, there are also studies that show that acupuncture can help jump start ovulation, boost chances for successful embryo transfers and improve the quality of eggs. There is growing evidence that acupuncture can greatly increase a couples chance of becoming pregnant naturally as well as improving the success of IVF treatment as a whole.

Studies also show that acupuncture can help jump start ovulation, boost chances for successful embryo transfers and improve the quality of eggs.

On its own, acupuncture can be seen as an alternative way of treating fertility problems, as it is often seen as natural alternative to fertility treatments. When used alone, acupuncture is probably most effective for those couples who are experiencing problems, like irregular ovulation, recurrent miscarriage, low sperm count and just those unexplained fertility problems.

Acupuncture can also help those maintain a healthy pregnancy in particular for those who have had multiple miscarriages with no known genetic or clinical disorders.

In recent years there has been an increase of women choosing acupuncture as part of their birthing plan for a natural labour with a minimal use of gas and air and to avoid the use of epidural for pain relief. Both labour induction and acupuncture during the stages of birth is a way of stimulating your natural hormone and pain response in your body and therefor allowing you to a most natural birthing process.

IVF Acupuncture

Michelle and her team of acupuncture specialists at London Kent Acupuncture achieve great results for those undergoing IVF treatment generally as well as providing onsite treatment to patients at Boston Place Clinic and Guys and St Thomas Conception Unit in London.

Pregnancy Acupuncture

At London Kent Acupuncture, we use acupuncture for the treatment of Infertility and pregnancy right through to birth, by integrating the theories from both biomedical and traditional Chinese medicine of which has seen many successful outcomes for those who have been trying to conceive.

During pregnancy, its important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you as the mother and developing baby. Common symptoms such as nausea and headaches as well as PSD can all be managed. At London Kent Acupuncture specialise in helping you maintain a healthy pregnancy through each trimester enabling you to manage your symptoms during your pregnancy

Labour Induction Acupuncture

Acupuncture for pain relief during labour has also become more popular for mothers to be, as the need for a holistic and natural childbirth increases that is drug free with no side affects.

Michelle has been working with pregnant women for over 30 years and you can be assured of her experience and calming nature during your labour.

Acupuncture is amazingly valuable for pregnancies gone beyond their due date as it helps induce a natural labour. It can be common medical practice for a woman past her due date to be given either a cesarean section or being induced with the drug pitocin. Neither of these are desirable options for any mother to be, as they present more risks and side-effects. Pitocin forces the body into labour whether it is ready or not.

Acupuncture is a great alternative. It is safe and encourages the body to go into a natural labour. Acupuncture points that are deliberately avoided during the 9 months of pregnancy, are used freely to encourage uterine contraction and thus labour. Acupuncture for labour induction can also help calm and reduce anxiety to facilitate a healthy delivery.

At London Kent Acupuncture, we have experience both in biomedicine and Traditional Chinese medicine in the field of reproductive medicine that brings together a unique and integrative approach to your care.