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London Kent Acupuncture Health

Harley Street, Marylebone, Champneys Eastwell Manor, Ashford and Faversham,

''Hope is a great thing, but results can be miraculous''


Michelle holds workshops and training events throughout the year.

Workshops in fertility, pregnancy and menopause for those who want to have a better understanding of how they can manage their health.

Health Work Shop

Come along to this friendly small group workshop for 6 people where Michelle will help you understand how you can improve your overall health. Michelle will give you some useful help towards understanding your reproductive health to help improve your fertility, menopause of just wanting to know how you can help your overall health understanding your cycle and hormones. Michelle will give you some practical tips on how you can help improve your health with nutritional advice along with her concepts of using natural treatments to treat your health.

Contact [email protected] for further information and dates.

Food Cooking Workshop

Michelle provides nutritional advice to her patients on improving their overall health using both western and Traditional Chinese medical concepts.

Although she specialises in the treatment of women health of fertility and menopause, she treats patients with long term and chronic conditions also.

During fertility its all about improving egg and lining quality as well as changing the internal environment to promote effective cellular development and healthy cells.

Menopause can bring hot sweats as well as general aches and pains, mood swings as well as depression. Michelle uses her food concepts and nutrition to promote health with some good results and in these workshops can show you some recipes on how you can help yourself through the concepts of food to elevate the symptoms that many women experience during this change.

Chronic conditions is usually due to an elevation of inflammatory responses in the body, which can bring about symptoms of pain, fatigue, digestive disorders, arthritis, migraine and many other symptoms. Michelle has devised workshops to focus on specific areas of inflammation to help you manage your health.

In these interactive cooking demonstration workshops, Michelle will show you how to use ingredients she promotes towards all aspects of health.

A minimum of 8 participants are required for the workshop to take place. Maximum is 10.

Workshops carried out across the UK. Contact us for more information and dates.